Les Dieux Très Anciens

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Re: Les Dieux Très Anciens

Message  Harken le Lun 30 Juil 2012, 18:15

Wakener, your deeds have earned you the trust of the Klaxxi.

You are to be rewarded. Walk with me.

We mantid are an elder race. The pandaren you associate with, they are but children. They have their role to play.

Each cycle, our young swarm their walls. The pandaren slay the weak. The strong return.

With each generation, we grow ever stronger.

Before your history began, our empire was vast. We shared this world with our sister kingdoms, Ahn'Qiraj and Azjol-Nerub.

Our gods were many and powerful. We mantid worshiped the Seven Heads of Y'Shaarj.

Great was the Old One, and terrible was his wrath. He consumed hope and begat despair. He inhaled courage and breathed fear.

When the Usurpers came, the ones you call Titans, Y'Shaarj was destroyed.

His last terrible breath has haunted this land ever since, but the shadows he left behind are mere whispers of his former glory.

I tell you know because you have earned this warning.

Your gods are not YOUR gods, outsider.

If the Old Ones ever return, we mantid will once again stand by their side.

The wisest among you will do the same.

That is all that needs to be said. Come, take your reward, and remember what you have learned today.

Le fameux récit des sages mantids. Je trouve ça cool des servants des dieux anciens qui ne soient pas en mode "DEEEEEEEERP HURRRRRRRR BLAAAAAAAAAAARRRRF DESTRUCTION ET APOCALYPSE DANS TON CUL".
Les dieux anciens étaient les seuls divinités d'Azeroth à l'aube des temps, donc ils s'en tiennent à eux et voient les Titans comme des imposteurs ayant volé leur domaine aux dieux anciens. Ca se tient.

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Re: Les Dieux Très Anciens

Message  Garog Coeur-gelé le Lun 30 Juil 2012, 18:37

Comme dirait l'exécuteur orc à la Fournaise de sang...

"Il est trop puissant !"

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